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Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

The legendary coach and teacher, John Wooden, told his players (and everyone else) to “Make each day your masterpiece.”

Could your life be better if you started each day by reading that statement and then putting it into practice? How much better would your parenting, marriage, or service to your community be if you began each day with the intention of making it a masterpiece?

Central to this idea is the fact that “today is all we have.” Wooden reminded us to not live in the past. “You can’t do anything about the past – and it will never change. Tomorrow is yet to be determined. Today is the only day that matters.”

You can watch John Wooden talking about that idea himself in this short (90-second) video:

In order to make every day your masterpiece, you must define what a masterpiece day is to you. This is something that only you can do. Your masterpiece day must not be defined by anyone else.

Benjamin Franklin believed in this concept and had a process for making sure he did it. His method was simple yet profound and is something that we all can do.

Franklin started every day by asking himself, “What good shall I do today?” - allowing him to focus on what a “Masterpiece Day” really meant to him.

At the end of every day, he asked himself the question, “What good have I done today?"

Give the Franklin model a try and begin each day by asking yourself what your masterpiece day looks like and then ask yourself at the end of the day how close you came to living it.

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