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Making Ends Meet During Coronavirus Unemployment

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

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Are you wondering how to get by after losing your job due to the coronavirus? You are not alone. The pandemic has knocked millions of people off their feet. Surviving between jobs can be scary, but there are many ways to use your skills to tread water while you work toward finding full-time employment again. Utilizing your abilities and these ideas, you can transform your crisis into an opportunity to expand your horizons, explore new career possibilities, and pay your immediate bills. Take a look at the following options:


If you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, you might want to consider teaching online or substitute teaching.

Many companies employ people to teach exclusively online, often to children in foreign countries such as China who are trying to learn English. Bridge Universe explains these companies often pay by the hour, and your rate will depend on your certification and experience. In general, you get to choose your own schedule and work from any place that has a reliable internet connection.

If online teaching isn’t for you, check your state and local school boards for their substitute requirements. Many school systems only require a bachelor’s degree in any subject and a modest bit of substitute training. In most situations, you are engaged to work a day at a time, and you can choose when to accept a job depending on your schedule and your desire to work within the offered position.


If you are a decent typist, consider online companies hiring transcriptionists that require no degree or previous experience in transcribing. For most of these, all you need is a good grasp of the English language, excellent listening skills, and the ability to type quickly and efficiently. You will probably have to pass a transcription test, and some firms ask that you have a foot pedal to use. Most transcription work is paid by the audio minute and can be completed from home on your own time.

Customer Service

If you have experience working with the public, there are always companies looking for quality customer service representatives to help their clients have positive experiences when interacting with the company. A great perk is that most are work-from-home positions requiring only a good internet connection, computer, and possibly a headset.

Starting Your Own Busines

Is there a hobby you enjoy that you have considered trying to turn into a source of income? Have you dreamed of starting your own small business but time or practicality never allowed it? According to the Chamber of Commerce, now might be the perfect time to turn this dream into reality.

Whether you’re selling in-person assistance such as house cleaning or home repair, or offer remote freelance services that include editing or copywriting, you can advertise these using social media and freelance websites created specifically for posting your availability. Dozens of prominent online marketplaces can help sell your wares if you are crafting or creating products. Many avenues you can take to start a home business require neither in-person services nor product production. Dropshipping, for example, has never been easier.

If you’ve decided now is the ideal time to become a COVID-preneur, prioritize forming an LLC in your state to protect you and your assets. Not only is there an extra layer of protection between you and your business, you can also enjoy pass-through taxation. Since you and your business are separate entities, your company is able to get funding from sources without your personal debt and history necessarily impacting the applications.

The coronavirus might have derailed your path, but it doesn’t have to keep you from finding your way back to it. You may even decide to forge a new road altogether and get back on your way to success in no time.

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