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Meet the 10 worst life insurance clients in the world | LifeHealthPro

Some people just don’t deserve the life insurance they have.

On every life insurance application process, there is that moment of truth when you have to ask the client if they like to do anything really reckless with their free time. Usually, people all say no, thinking that if they keep their love of bungee jumping a secret, it won’t impact their ability to get life insurance. Of course, that kind of shenanigan will void almost any coverage, but still, it causes one’s eyes to roll that folks out there might think that life insurance is for covering people who are hellbent on walking that line between life and death.

But they are out there. Heck, you probably have one or two as clients. The question is, are any of them as bad as these 10 daredevils? Take a look through our Gallery of the Worst Life Insurance Clients Ever, and then at the end, let us know which of these you would be least willing to arrange coverage for.

1. Extreme Mountain Bikers

It’s harder than you might think to get decent figures on how many people kill themselves riding mountain bikes each year, but if they go tearing around like French daredevil Rémy Métailler as he slaps a GoPro camera on his helmet and rockets through the Whistler bike park one last time before it closes, the danger factor is quite high. I don’t know about you, but every one of those jumps looked like he was going to land on some cloud before the Pearly Gates.

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