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My New Hero – Mama Hill

Millicent “Mama” Hill just got promoted to my “Hero List” –for being a role-model of Happiness and Service.

I first became aware of her story in a short (90-second) video where she talks about her daily routine of gratitude, meditation, and serving where she can make the biggest difference.

This is truly an inspiring story that shows how a simple daily routine has led to her happiness and impacted the lives of thousands of young people who are growing up in a challenging environment.

I highly recommend watching this video ( for an inspiring lesson in living a happy life.

Mama Hill is a retired teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District who wanted to give the children of her community a safe place to go to get the help they needed - so she turned her home into a place of love and support for those children.

She has made a huge difference just by being a loving, positive, and helpful role model to kids in Watts, California, an area that is ridden with poverty, homelessness, and gang activity that can challenge any young person.

In 2001, she started Mama Hill's Help, a nonprofit after-school program that helps inner city kids rise above the challenges they face. Since then, about 3,000 children have walked through her doors.

The 90-second video above is inspiring, but if you want to see even more of her story, you can also watch this (slightly-longer) video:

Be grateful and serve where you can make a difference!

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