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Our Third Blessing – Lauren Amanda Martin

For the second time in two months we have been blessed by the arrival of a new member of our family – just in time for Thanksgiving.

Lauren Amanda Martin

Lauren Amanda Martin

Lauren Amanda Martin arrived on the 16th of November – happily welcomed into this world by an anxious crowd of loving relatives.  She wasn’t scheduled to show up until around Christmas time, but apparently really wanted to be with us all for Thanksgiving.  

We are incredibly thankful for this gift.

They say that good things come in threes – and I’m sure it’s true.  Lauren joins our other two grandchildren – her cousins Cole & Kennedy.  She has blessed (and changed) the lives of her parents – Mandie & Aaron. 

Lauren Amanda Martin

I’m finding that my grandchildren are my greatest teachers.  Every day I learn lessons from them.  Lauren is teaching me about the power of persistence and the importance of a strong desire.  She wanted to be here NOW – and here she is.  

We are thankful to have her in our lives.

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