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Overcome Procrastination And Start Living A Richer Life Today | love makes the world go round

An interesting article on how procrastination limits the richness we experience in life.



Do you usually make excuses when you miss deadlines? Do you tend to look for excuses to explain why you didn’t finish the job? Do you often think that you have a good reason why you didn’t finish the job? How important is it to you that you finish the job? Have you written down a plan to help you to finish it as soon as possible? ****** Do you often see yourself as a victim of circumstances? Do people often tell you that you are a moaner and that you complain more than other people? What do you do when you procrastinate? How do you usually spend your time when you have decided not to do something that you should do? Are you really serious about wanting to change? Do you think that there may be hidden causes of your procrastination that you will need to discover?

Read the full article here:

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