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Poor Investment Behaviors Cost You Thousands of Dollars Per Year

Your investing behaviors are probably costing you thousands of dollars per year.  This article by Rick Kahler discusses the findings of the annual Dalbar study, which I have been following for years.  In this article, Rick points out some of the unhealthy money behaviors that many investors have – usually thinking they are making smart investment moves.

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If you had half a million dollars and invested it in mutual funds, chances are you would leave $25,000 a year of potential income on the table. Over 20 years, that under-performance could cost you over $1,000,000 when you include reinvestment.

This conclusion is based on a recent study by Dalbar, Inc. It found that mutual fund investors (individuals and investment advisors) consistently earn below-average rates of return. This group’s average annual rate of return for 20 years underperformed the average by over 5%.

via Rick Kahler: Money Psychology Key to Wise Investment Choices | Financial Awakenings.

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