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Poor Spending Habits That Waste Your Money

Be frugal. Live on less than you make. Save for the future. It’s my message, and I’m sticking to it.

Just in case you’re getting tired of that message, though, let’s take a look at thrift from a slightly different perspective. For anyone who wants to throw cash around, here are some effective ways to waste your money:

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How to Waste Money on Travel:

• Buy package vacation deals.

• Buy a vacation home.

• Get an RV and only use it one or two weeks a year.

• Buy a timeshare unit.

• Pay for hotel Internet packages.

• Eat at hotel restaurants.

• Use room service.

• Over-pack, and pay checked baggage fees.

• Don’t bother to use a travel credit card that gives you frequent flyer credits.

• Stay at full-service hotels with amenities you don’t use.

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