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Purposefully Planning your Financial Life

Howard Thurman said “At the core of life is a hard purposefulness, a determination to live.”

The best financial planning is done when a there is a purpose behind it.

The stronger the purpose the stronger the plan. In fact when you have a strong purpose everything is easier.  Getting up in morning is easier.  Decisions are easier.  Being happy is much easier.  Saying no is easier.

Before you get too far into your financial plan, write down your purpose and keep it in front of you all of the time.  Look at it before you do any work on your plan.  Take it to every financial planning meeting you have.  Show it to your planner.  Give them a copy.

As you review your plan, ask at every step – “does this support my purpose?”

If not, change it.

Life is easier, and better, if you know your purpose.

Have a clear purpose.


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