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Seven Questions to Ask When Reviewing Your Clients’ Estate Plans « SEI’s Practically Spe

2011 just ended as another challenging year. Most of us are happy to be rid of it and look forward to hopefully better things on the horizon. Although it is really just another month, January (and early February) is a time when advisors force themselves to:

• Do a year in review

• Prospect for 2012 meetings with clients

• Discuss performance and positioning for the year

• Assess risk for the client’s portfolio, as well as their own business

But what about beyond 2012? Will your clients (and their families) move forward with you?

Case in point

Last year, a wealthy client of an advisor I know passed away. The client was part of a book the advisor had purchased so he didn’t have a great relationship the client’s spouse and the rest of the family, but he did enjoy a fairly close relationship with the client. The relationship was strong enough that the client mentioned that he wanted the advisor to “look after” his family when he was gone.

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