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Six Steps To Financial Spring Cleaning For Divorce

Six Steps To Financial Spring Cleaning For Divorce

Spring is finally here, and most of the country would say it has come none too soon. We’ve been too cold for far too long, and even in places that still have snow cover, it is heartening to know the first crocuses will soon be cropping up.

With the change in seasons, and that first sunny day that brings with it a hint of true warmth, comes the nearly irrepressible urge to fling open the windows, air things out and banish the winter dust and gloom. Whether you actually decide to scrub behind the refrigerator or just delete some unneeded files from your hard drive, there is satisfaction to be gained from some form of spring cleaning.

And if you think you might be filing for divorce this year, I’m here to encourage you to put some of that springtime energy into getting yourself organized, financially. With taxes dues on April 15, as well, this is an excellent time to get a firm grasp of your financial situation.

Here are six tasks to put you in excellent shape for all three: spring, tax filing and the beginning the divorce process.

1. Get your financial documents in order.

Read the complete article here –  Six Steps To Financial Spring Cleaning For Divorce.

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