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Something is Something

Will you be remembered 200 years from now?

Do you want to be?

I do.

I want to be remembered for having made a difference in the lives of people I worked with and the people I loved.  I want to be remembered 200 years from now as a person who saw the importance of thinking about the future and did something about it – even if that something was small and fairly insignificant.

Something is something.

I have been inspired to doing better things and being a better person by many of my clients- who feel that what they have done and who they have touched is not a big deal – when, in fact, it is.   They have changed people’s lives – including mine.

Every act of kindness changes the world – for the better.  I want to have made a positive difference in people’s lives.

Having that as a goal increase the likelihood significantly of that actually happening.


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