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Start Your Financial Planning With “WHY?”

The best financial plans have one thing in common. And that is that they “Start with WHY".

In his best-selling book, Start with WHY, and his popular Ted Talk of the same name, Simon Sinek talks about how to be a leader in the business world.

He talks about the fact that all successful businesses begin with an understanding of their “WHY” before they make decisions on the “how” or the “what” of their business.

His premise is that before you can build a successful business plan, it's imperative that you figure out WHY you are in business in the first place. All actions taken in this business need to be built on that “WHY”.

Good financial plans are built on the same principle.

You cannot build a good financial plan and a good set of financial actions without fully understanding WHY you are developing this plan – the “WHY” for your life.

This kind of thinking creates a Financial Life Plan rather than just a Financial Plan.

A good financial planner can't even begin to define how to get something done without first fully understanding the WHY behind it.

What is your WHY?

Figuring that out will help you build a stronger and more meaningful financial plan – and life.

A good financial planner will “Start with WHY” before developing your financial plan.

I suggest that you read Simon Sinek’s book or watch his TED Talk.

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