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Thank$giving: A Money $tory

Do you live in a bubble? Perhaps you live in a community where financial success is pretty much assumed. Where no one talks about money or hardship. Perhaps they even look at money as a symbol of their success.

It’s a bubble.

Meet Sam, who lived in that bubble, but never let it define him or alter his happiness.

He sat in our meeting room thinking about the question “What do you want your life to look like in retirement?”

Sam smiled broadly, “I have very few wants, other than to live simply and share my life with those I love. I don’t need fancy trips or fancy cars. I look forward to the day when my full time work career is over and I can continue to simplify my life. I’ll invest the extra time I gain with some of the organizations I care about. I have been mentoring some under-privileged kids in reading and math.”

via Thank$giving: A Money $tory.

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