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The Changing Meaning of Money

This is a very interesting article by Mitch Anthony, a leader in the area of Financial Life Planning.  He addresses how the meaning of money changes as we move through life – and I find that his assessment is true.

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After sharing a speech on the Return on Life concept — Getting the best life you can with the money you have — an audience member who was in his early 80s (but didn’t look a day past 62) said to me:

“I like what you are saying and I must tell you that the approach you are talking about occurs organically with age. Maturity changes our view of what money can and should do.”

When looking at our money needs we are often focused on their resources because we assume that resources alone determine our financial needs. This gentleman’s comment alerted me to the idea that maturity has as much to do with our “needs” as our resources do.

via The changing meaning of money – MarketWatch.

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