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The Harvest is Plenty, But Put On Your Boots!

Sisters Cecilia and Marguerite have 17 children between them and are neighbors of ours here at our farm. They have beautiful, faithful, stable families and are still grounded by their 94 year old father, Barney.

At mass on Sunday mornings, they command the first four rows on the right side of our little Saint Phillips Church. About a week ago, amidst days and days of record rains, we squeezed in a day for our grape harvest, and Cecilia brought over eight kids to help.

In addition, Joe, always our reliable helper, has his new prosthesis and is now able to navigate the vineyard without crutches. That was quite a celebration in itself. While the harvest was quite good, the real story is the unanticipated challenge of flash floods. As …Read More

Source: The Harvest is Plenty, But Put On Your Boots!

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