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The Long-Term Care Family Fire Drill « Life & Health Advisor Life & Health Advisor

As individuals are growing older and living longer, many are realizing they may need some type of assistance in later years to live with independence and dignity, preferably in their own home. For individuals that have taken action by purchasing long-term care insurance, they have placed a great deal of control into their own hands. Long-term care needs in later years becomes a family issue – physically, financially and emotionally – not to mention complex.

We know that long-term care insurance can help relieve the burden on family members and give clients options in their care, but the subject overall is a difficult conversation that many family members chose not to address with each other. Starting to prepare today by talking with members of the family allows for proper planning, expectations of roles and intentions, and positive decisions to take place. Even if you never need this type of care in later years, you can at least have the comfort of knowing that you took action if a claims situation were to ever arise.

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