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The More Things Change….

I had an opportunity to watch Dr. Jeremy Siegel speak yesterday – right after a panel of futurists who talked all about the wild possibilities (technologically and politically) for the future.

Siegel pointed out that the stock market has returned, over long periods of time, about 6.8 % REAL RETURN consistently since 1802 – over 200 years.  His implication was that the market would continue to do this – in spite of the rapidly changing world.

As I listened, I realized that the world has changed a lot since 1802 and that we and the markets have adapted to the change that we have seen.  Dr. Siegel expects that the markets will adapt to accommodate the rapidly changing world of the future.  I agree. As long as you don’t try to pick the winners, your portfolio will continue to grow and adapt.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

There always has been change and always will be.

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