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The Pharrell Williams of Advisors?

Donna Skeels Cygan wants advisors and their clients to broaden the scope of their investment objectives to include living richly rather than just becoming rich

Donna Skeels Cygan and her book. Donna Skeels Cygan and her book.

Can a financial advisor — presumably hired to improve a client’s net worth — have an impact on the client’s self-worth?

Does an advisor even have permission to tread in this sensitive area that many would regard as a personal and not a professional concern?

Much like Pharrell Williams sings in “Happy,” Donna Skeels Cygan feels like happiness is the truth — and thinks clients’ happiness is fair game for a financial advisor.

“My role is to not only grow my clients’ assets or protect their assets, but to also help them enjoy the assets,” says the Albuquerque-based fee-only advisor in a phone interview with ThinkAdvisor.

When last in touch with the principal of boutique firm Sage Future Financial, she was hitting the road promoting her book “The Joy of Financial Security.”


Advisor on Mission to Make Clients—Yours and Hers—Happier

Donna Skeels Cygan teaches clients to invest in joy, not just stocks; gives away her referrals; and wants advisors to…

Now Cygan has published a short new e-book, “Invest in Joy: 8 Happiness Strategies,” that she hopes advisors and their clients can use to broaden the scope of their investment objectives to include living rich rather than just becoming rich.

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