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The Seven Deadly Financial Sins

There are a lot of people out there who say wonderful things better than I do.  Sometime’s it is better just to point to the good stuff that others have written.

I rediscovered this article (The Wages of Financial Sin is Debt (Among Other Things) written by Laura Rowley in 2008. 

Enjoy and learn.

Laura wrote:

 In any case, I was inspired to create my own list of seven deadly sins. Commit these violations, and you’ll create a financial hell on Earth for yourself:

• Sin No. 1: Failing to identify what thy money is for.

• Sin No. 2: Not living within thy means.

• Sin No. 3: Believing that material wealth will solve all thy problems.

• Sin No. 4: Shopping while feeling sorry for thyself.

• Sin No. 5: Not saving for college because thou expects financial aid (or a higher power) to take care of it.

See Sins 6 & 7 and a more detailed article here:

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