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The Stock Market Is Tumbling—So What?

A great article from Michael Kay



From Saumya Vaishampayan of the Wall Street Journal:“Stock markets around the world tumbled, with the Dow industrials falling to their lows of the year, and government bonds rallied Wednesday as fears about the health of the global economy deepened.

”Unless you make your living betting stocks and timing the markets, my (financial planner) response is, and I quote, “So what?” When you peer into the microscope, you see an expanded view of what the naked eye can visualize. What is tiny appears gigantic! Can anyone say Godzilla? Yes, it’s scary to watch and think that the monstrous organism at the other end of the tube is on your skin or floating in your Cheerios. But allow me to re-quote myself, “So what?”

Anything we see within a limited scope is likely to be enlarged in our thinking and our emotions. Twitter is overflowing with “OMG’s…will you look at the Dow.” Can someone give me a “So what?” Amen sister.

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