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There’s Only One Thing Certain About Market Uncertainty

This is a great article from Michael Kay about market uncertainty (which we are now very familiar with) and what you should do about it.

Without a doubt, the are things that we cannot predict.  You must have a plan and stick with your plan – in spite of market turmoil.

Let me know what you think.



You sit down to breakfast, open the web page or your newspaper and the headline hits you right smack between the eyes: “Market Falls on _________ Uncertainty.” You can fill in the blank:

  1. Global Concerns

  2. Federal Reserve Meeting

  3. Employment Report

  4. Congressional Gridlock

The possibilities are endless, but there is a headline all stocked and ready for any given situation—conceived to draw you into the story and keep you glued to each successive story.

So what are the certainties in a universe of uncertainties and what can you do about any of it?

Let’s begin with what we know. We know history.

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