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This 4×6 index card has all the financial advice you’ll ever need

Think managing your finances has to be complicated? Wonkblog contributor and UC Chicago social scientist Harold Pollack doesn’t. After a talk with personal finance expert Helaine Olen, Pollack managed to write down pretty much everything you need to know on a 4×6 index card. And it would probably fit on a 3×5 index card if you really crammed that last point, for instance, is probably not strictly necessary for managing your money.

He explains: The card came out of an RBC chat I had with Helaine Olen regarding what I view as the financial industry’s basic dilemma: The best investment advice fits on an index card. A commenter, Alex M, asked for the actual index card. Although I was originally speaking in metaphor, I grabbed a pen and one of my daughter’s note cards, scribbled this out in maybe three minutes, snapped a picture with my iPhone, and the rest was history. Here’s the picture and post.

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