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Tips for Financial Independence and a Good Life

Mark Gallagher published this list of tips for Financial Independence and a good life.  He has done a good job of focusing on some of the things that I think are most important: know what’s important to you, live simply, save more, have no bad debt.

It is definitely worth reading …..



1. Keep your life as simple as possible.

How do you do that ? Take a lot of time on the big decisions – who you marry, buying a house, and where you work. The biggest obstacles to the good life are complications from divorce, a house you can’t sell or a job you hate. The #1 decision in your life is who you marry. Related Tip – How to avoid the complication of divorce.

2. Learning what is most valuable. What brings happiness?

Most people don’t learn this one until they are 65 years old. If you figure this out when you are 30, the good life is guaranteed.

Ok, this is it – the most valuable and enjoyable things in life are your health, time with family and friends, and a job that you enjoy. Buying expensive things brings less and less satisfaction. Buying an expensive car, vacation home, or latest large-screen TV will bring fleeting moments of happiness. Skip the expensive stuff when you are young, build your savings, and later in life you will have the financial freedom to spend time with your friends and family and a job you enjoy.

Related point > > > keep your life and your possessions in balance. Here is how you do it …

Every time you acquire something new, take the time to give something away. Buy a new car, think about selling your old car (at a below market price) to a relative or neighbor that needs a good used car at a low price. Buy a new TV or computer, donate your old one to Goodwill.

via Tips for Financial Independence and a Good Life by Mark Gallagher.

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