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US Stocks Rally in September, but Many Investors Missed It – CBS‏

At first glance, it looks like investors still don’t get it when it comes to the right strategy for investing.  But look a little deeper, and there’s some hope on the horizon.

According to Morningstar, assets in U.S. stocks decreased for the fifth straight month, meaning that investors have pulled $65.1 billion from domestic-equity funds since April. How were those who fled the asset class rewarded?  We just experienced the best September for domestic stocks since 1939, as the S&P 500 Index rose about 9 percent for the month, and the third quarter saw the index rise by more than 11 percent.  The performance of the third quarter debunks another bit of “conventional wisdom” that markets follow cash flows. If they did, the market would have fallen in the third quarter.

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