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What’s the Plan?

More planning goes into an average vacation, than for one’s life in retirement. Yes, that’s a pretty bold statement, however, it is unfortunately so. While pre-vacation planning encompasses thinking, budgeting and a lengthy list of executable actions, most people, besides contributing to their company’s 401(k) program do very little real work towards success on what can be a lengthy segment of their life.

Think about it, one’s work life might extend from early to mid-twenties to mid-sixties; around forty years. As our mortality increases, the time in retirement become increasingly longer and rife with challenges and the need for some of that planning. There’s way more pleasure in buying those airline tickets and imagining yourself flying away to some exotic location than there is in trying to map out what is, from every aspect, a mine field of decisions about an uncertain future.

There seems to be very little logic in the energy put into R&R vs. one’s post career years. But if you scrap away some of the indignation, you can see that there’s joy and pleasure in idea of travel, rest, adventure and a respite from work. Retirement for many, on the other hand, is scary and far away into a future that is untouchable. It’s a great unknown of what to do, how much it will cost and sometimes, where to even begin.

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