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Why Risk Tolerance Is Critical to Your Practice « SEI’s Practically Speaking SEI’s Pract

The following is the first guest blog post in a two-part series by Tyler D. Nunnally, a specialist in behavioral finance and risk tolerance. He is a marketing consultant to FinaMetrica and Founder and CEO of Upside RISK, a behavioral finance consultancy. For a free 30-day trial of FinaMetrica, visit

Do not let anyone try and tell you that soccer isn’t a contact sport. This past weekend I was injured while playing the game in our yard with my two young sons – Dylan, 12, and Max, 9. Max and I collided going for a loose ball. For a 9 year-old, Max is a pretty sturdy kid, let me tell you. As Max and I were lying on the ground in agony, Dylan gathered the ball, dribbled to the net and scored, which sealed his victory. In a moment of triumph Dylan proudly exclaimed “I won! I won!” Though it was obvious that Max and I were suffering from a great deal of pain, Dylan seemed rather oblivious to it all. He was just glad that he won. As it turned out, Max was fine, but I was not so lucky. I broke a rib. It is no fun getting old.Before going to the doctor to get my ribs checked out, I waited a few days, hoping that the pain would subside.

When ITyler Nunnally’s Broken Rib arrived in the doctor’s office he was curious why I did not come in right after the incident occurred. I told him that I was not trying to prove my toughness to anyone. I just was hoping that it was nothing serious and would heal. I have to admit I was very surprised when he came back with the X-ray and showed it to me. Sure enough, a clean break. Through numerous football injuries and serious ski accidents over the years, I have come to recognize that I have a higher pain threshold than most people. So the fact that I was able to wait a few days before getting it looked at is not all that surprising.

via Why Risk Tolerance Is Critical to Your Practice « SEI’s Practically Speaking SEI’s Practically Speaking.

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