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You WILL Leave a Legacy

I ask a lot of people what they want their legacy to be.  The most common answers I get are:

– I don’t have enough money to leave a legacy.

– I am too unimportant to leave an impact.

To those people, I say … “You WILL leave a legacy.  The only question is .. Whether you will leave it to fate or whether you will define the legacy you want to leave.”

Each of us will leave a legacy.  Every action we take, every interaction we have and every decision we make has an impact on the world.  It may be major or it may be minor.  The cumulative impact of all of those actions and decisions has a larger impact.

Do you want to stand by and see what they cumulative effect is?  Or do you want to define the impact that you will have?  I’m in favor of the latter.  I think we should each think about the impact we want to have on the world – and work to make it happen.

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