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11 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Steve Jobs

I discovered this today and thought that it was well-worth sharing.



Yesterday morning, I was busy writing.  As I took a quick glance at my Twitter timeline, I saw a message which said, “RIP Steve Jobs”.

When I first saw it, my first reaction was: “Is this a joke?”.

But things like that don’t get joked around. So I quickly did a search on Google for Steve Jobs, and was greeted with newly published articles (in the past few minutes) of Steve Job’s recent passing, along with other sites related to him.

I quickly scrolled down the searches, clicked into Steve’s Wikipedia (always a good objective information source) and saw that the page had been updated with the date of his death and a section on his passing. It appears that he passed away on Oct 5, 2011 at the age of 56, with his family issuing a statement saying he “died peacefully today“.

Now, I can’t claim to know much about Steve Jobs nor do I make a point to follow any updates about him, Apple, iPod, iPhone or any of the “i” products. I do not use any Apple products (not at the moment). I’m largely disinterested when it comes to technology news and developments, preferring to focus on development of our consciousness vs. tangible goods, and hence my work at PE.

via 11 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Steve Jobs.

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