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117 Things We Do for Our Clients - Number 17- Give Investment Advice Without the Bias of Commissions

Some advisors receive kickbacks or investment-related commissions. We provide investment advice without the bias of any commissions or kickbacks.

You cannot be assured of receiving unbiased advice from any investment or financial firm that operates its own mutual funds. If the name of the fund carries the name of the “Advisor", you are not getting balanced advice, no matter how much the representative may say otherwise. A broker at Vanguard has a bias to put you in Vanguard Funds (the firm has over 300 funds or share classes they sponsor). A representative that works for Fidelity (over 1000 funds), Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, or Credit Suisse will have a similar bias toward their own mutual funds.

As fiduciary financial advisors, we owe allegiance to no investment company. We choose the best investments based on our balanced research rather than “in-house” research slanted to favor propriety funds.

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