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117 Things We Do for Our Clients - List in Progress

Updated: May 31

Click the link immediately following each item to read the full blog post.

Customer service agent

1. We care more about you, your life, your hopes, your dreams, your fears, and your money than anyone who doesn’t share your last name. Click here

2. We help you become the visionary for your own life. Click here

3. We adopt a Fiduciary Standard in our relationship with you. Click here

4. We help you determine and manage the complexities of your IRA RMDs. Click here

5. We perform a detailed analysis and recommend when to start taking Social Security benefits. Click here

6. We guide you to think about areas of your financial life that you may not have considered. Click here

7. We ask questions to really understand your needs and objectives. Click here

8. We help you reduce mutual fund and ETF managerial and transactions expenses, allowing you to keep more of your money working for you. Click here

9. We work with you to understand how much retirement income you can take from your investments without running out of money during your lifetime. Click here

10. We help you determine where you are at the present time. Click here

11. We guide you through difficult times in the stock market by sharing historical data and perspectives. Click here

12. We review and recommend life and other insurance policies to protect your family. Click here

13. We assist in preparing an estate plan for you. Click here

14. We help you choose the appropriate custodial accounts and 529 education savings plans. Click here

15. We stay up to date on changes in the investment world. Click here

16. We review your existing IRA's. Click here

17. We provide investment advice without the bias of any commissions or kickbacks. Click here

18. We help you pass on your vision and wealth. Click here

19. We monitor life and family changes. Click here

20. We help you prioritize your financial actions. Click here

21. We help educate you and your family in financial concepts. Click here

22. We help you formalize your goals and put them in writing. Click here

23. We help you find ways to reduce your tax burden. Click here

24. We help you set up a personal or company retirement plan. Click here

25. We help you identify areas of overspending. Click here

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