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117 Things We Do for Our Clients - Number 14 - Help you Choose the Appropriate Custodial Accounts

We help you choose the appropriate custodial accounts and 529 education savings plans.

Many of our clients view providing for the education of their children or grandchildren as one of the most important things they want to do. This is a more complex process than simply opening an account with your state’s 529 plan.

There are many different types of college savings plans and there are several varieties of 529 plans, including accounts that are college-specific, age-based, or customized investment plans.

529 plans from different states are not the same. You are not restricted to your state’s 529 plan. Plans are available in every state, and they vary significantly. You can choose to invest in any of them.

Additionally, there are options for who can own the 529 accounts. They can be owned by the child, the parents, or the grandparents. Each type of ownership carries a different set of outcomes and strategies.

We help you analyze all these options and guide you toward the combination that makes the most sense for you, your children, or your grandchildren.

*To see the whole list of "117 Things" in progress, click here.

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