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117 Things We Do for Our Clients - Number 5 - Perform a Detailed Analysis on Social Security

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

5. We perform a detailed analysis and recommend when to start taking Social Security benefits.

Social Security is an important source of income for most people. When to choose the best time to start taking your benefits is actually a fairly complex process. Choosing the wrong time to start can have a significant effect on your financial situation for the rest of your life.

Many people think that taking Social Security at age 62 rather than waiting until 70 will result in them having more money. For some people this is true, but for others it would result in a significant loss of retirement income. When you and your spouse should take Social Security depends on many variables.

Often our analysis will find that spouses should not take benefits at the same age. We know how to maximize your Social Security by tailoring the right solution for you.

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