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6 Investment Alternatives to the Stock Market

When many of us think of investing, we think of the stock market. Perhaps, we even think about bonds. However, investing doesn’t have to be limited to equities and bonds. There are numerous other investment choices available. Some of these investment opportunities can even outperform the stock market. However, as with all investments, it’s important to research potential investments before you commit your money. All investment comes with risk, and some alternative investments might not be appropriate for your portfolio.invest

1. P2P Lending

You can lend money to others and receive the interest payments as income. Sites like Lending Club and Prosper provide you with the opportunity to earn a decent return by funding notes so that your peers can borrow money. If you are willing to take on a higher risk that the borrower will default, you can see decent returns. However, there is always the chance that the borrower will default on the loan, leading to losses.

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