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– Bob’s Blog – The First Step Toward Success Is Defining It. 

In his post on Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell draws some pretty stark comparisions between new beginnings and the wealth management process. I guess that’s because the two are so similar.

“Clarity instills confidence.”

“Are you reacting aginst or reaching forward? Reacting seldom takes you where you want to go.”

These are also quotes from Dan’s blog post; “10 Questions That Give Vitality To New Beginnings.”

As the realm of personal finance has come to grips with the fact that the return on the markets might not always be the thing that takes you where you need to go, they’ve finally latched on to the two things that can make a difference in financial success or failure, namely; controlling what you spend and planning.

Every day it seems, more and more articles are written on why it’s important to know what your future will cost, if for no other reason than if you don’t know you can’t ever tell if you’ve got the money to afford it.

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