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Build Wealth With a No-Budget Spending Plan

The beginning of a new year is a great time to set goals for the coming year.  In this article, Rick Kahler describes a way to manage your money that is a little different that standard budgeting.  I think that he hits some really key points here and thank that everyone could benefit from reading this article.

Happy New Year!!!



Here’s a new twist on an old New Year’s Resolution: If you want to give yourself the security of financial independence, try budgeting the way many wealth accumulators do.

The secret? They don’t budget.

Your first reaction might be, “Of course these people don’t budget! They have so much money, they don’t need to.”

That may be true for some of those who have money today, but I’m referring to people who want to remain wealthy or those who are “wealth accumulators.” These are people who don’t start out with money, but who build up significant wealth over time.

Many successful wealth accumulators don’t follow a detailed budget in the traditional sense. Instead, they develop the habit of living on less than they make. They do this by setting clear priorities. Here is how it works:

see the full article here: Rick Kahler: Build Wealth With a No-Budget Spending Plan | Financial Awakenings.

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