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Eight Tips for Navigating the Uncertainties of Our Times

In light of the uncertain times we are living in, I thought this was worth sharing.


Written by Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP® | 23 February 2011

Once again we are facing some potential tough times in our country.  Everything we’re hearing in the media is pointing toward job layoffs, cutbacks, losses in benefits, etc.

What can you do to best navigate these uncertain waters?  Here are some tips that may help:

1.  Don’t let fear get the best of you.  There is a lot of gloom and doom out there these days and while there is certainly the potential for some bad things to happen to good people, being caught up in the fear only shuts down your openness to creative solutions. 

2.  Plan for the worst — expect the best.  Take action if you are concerned about losing your job, or getting a pay cut or losing benefits.  Develop a Plan B.  Think positively about what you could do if the worst happens.  And attitude is important.  Being negative only contributes to the problem.  The solution resides in that positive part of you that knows deep down you have what it takes to weather any storm.

Read all 8 hints here …

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