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Honoring Our Veterans

We at Purposeful Financial Planning wish a Happy Veterans Day to all who have served as a member of the armed forces. It's because of you that each of us can enjoy safety and freedom. We thank you for all you have done for our country. Those of us who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it. May God bless you. Today we would like to honor relatives of our team members who have actively served our country. Steve Martin ~

Bob Martin - left - (Steve's Father). US Army - He served in Europe during World War II.

Edward Martin - right - (Steve's Grandfather). US Army Cavalry. He served in World War 1.

Elisha PS Wright - left - (Steve's Grandfather). US Army - He served in Europe in World War II.

Parke Holmes - right - (Steve's Father-in-Law). US Navy - He served as a Pilot in World War II.

Sherry Kachel ~

My father was Archie R. Kachel, Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force, World War II & Korean War. He worked on bombers and jets - now known as Strategic Air Command.

This picture of Dad and me was taken in 1950 at Johnson Air Base, Honshu, Japan. We were 650 miles from North Korea.

Their plane was shot down in the Pacific near North Korea, and Dad rescued the pilot. He retired after 25 years of service. Over his 25 years of service Archie served in Japan, Germany, Greenland, and eight different tours of duty in the United States. His wife and four children traveled with him except for the Greenland assignment.

Jessica Robinson and Jendra Tillman ~

Our dad was Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Alfio Mamanta Tamayo. He served in the Navy on a submarine from August 1959 to June 1978. During his time in the Navy he was stationed at Charleston, SC (twice); Pensacola, FL; San Diego, CA; and Rota, Spain.

Dallas Scoffield ~

Roger Neal Beck was my maternal grandfather.

He joined the Utah National Guard when he was 17 and worked as a Jeep mechanic. He later joined the Air Force and served for three years.

Lydia Staggers ~

My father-in-law, Duane Staggers, served in the US Navy from 1955-57 aboard the USS Missouri and USS Iowa. He played trombone in the ship's flag band.

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