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How to Save $10,000 by Next Thanksgiving –

OK. So you want to save an extra $10,000 by next Thanksgiving. How can you do it?

You’ve heard the usual finger-wagging frugality lessons over and over. And you already do the obvious things, like cutting back on lattes, raising your insurance deductibles and steering clear of expensive stores.

WSJ columnist Brett Arends offers tips on how to save $10,000 by next Thanksgiving, including being wily with airline travel schedules. Photo: AFP / Getty Images.

But what else can you do if you really, really, really want to save? We tapped financial advisers, business contacts, friends and acquaintances to hear what they had done to save money.

Dumped the TV. “There’s no need for a TV with the Internet,” says Molly Ruben-Long, who works for a nonprofit in New Orleans. “You can watch most shows for free online.” Savings: $600 a year.

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