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How To Write an Ethical Will?

Writing an ethical will may seem difficult. However, it can be viewed as the writing of a love letter to your family. Ethical Wills can include personal and spiritual values, hopes, experiences, love, and forgiveness. It may well be one of the most cherished gifts you can give to your family.

Here are three basic approaches for creating your ethical will.

Approach #1

Using an outline structure and a list of items to choose from. This is by far the easiest way to get started and it can build your confidence quickly. You can create a rough draft to work from in less than an hour. The Ethical Will Writing Guide Workbook and The Ethical Will Writing Guide software were developed for this approach. This approach is also covered in Ethical Wills: Putting your values on paper.

Approach #2

Using guided writing exercises to help you create content for your ethical will. The Ethical Will Resource Kit contains several guided exercises to help you. Ethical Wills: Putting your values on paper contains even more exercises.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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