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New Workshop – Leaving a Legacy: Writing Your Ethical Will

Nationally known writer and educator Joannah Merriman and I will be co-facilitating a workshop on LEAVING A LEGACY: WRITING YOUR ETHICAL WILL this February and March. 

This course offers you an opportunity to examine and write your personal values, beliefs, life turning points and perhaps words of wisdom, creating a written record for the people who are most important in your lives. Writing what is often referred to as an ethical will can be as important as any material possession, but is often forgotten or put aside while we consult with our legal advisors when putting our finances and health care wishes in order.

We will reflect on our individual life experiences, learning to put into writing what we have found to be most valuable to us. Through this process, you will create a personal document in your own words and form, a legacy you can leave for your children, grandchildren or other family and friends.

Co-Facilitators: Joannah Merriman, M.A. and Steve Martin, CFP (r), RLP (r), MBA.

Cost:  $125 for the 4-week course, including materials; $95 ($30 discount) for registrations before February 8th.

Schedule:  Monday evenings: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., beginning on February 22nd and running 4 weeks.

Schedule:  Co-Facilitators:  Joannah Merriman, M.A. and Steve Martin, CFP (r), RLP (r), MBA.

For more information:  Visit the Events Section of Joannah Merriman’s website (

Capacity: 25 Start Date: Feb 22, 2010 End Date: Mar 15, 2010 Location: The Sheldon House B & B, Fort Collins


Joannah L. Merriman, M.A. is the founder and owner of Lifeprints. She received her MA in Holistic Psychology and Counseling from Boulder Graduate School (now incorporated into a program of study at Naropa Institute). She has completed coursework for a MA in English and Communication Development from Colorado State University and is working on a creative non-fiction thesis entitled Windflowers: Fragments of a Life.  For nearly thirty years, she has been a community educator,and offers workshops locally, regionally and nationally.  She lives and works in Fort Collins, CO.

Steve Martin, CFP®, RLP®, MBA is the founding principal of “A Richer Life” Financial Planning – a Fee-Only ® Financial Life Planning Firm.  He assists individuals with life-centered financial planning services and, derives great joy in “really making a difference” in clients’ lives. Steve founded “A Richer Life” on the belief that people should use their money to create a fulfilling life – rather than using their life just to create money. He has found that “Leaving a Legacy” is importance to most people and that Ethical Wills can be an important part of leaving that legacy. He has been teaching workshops in Ethical Wills for several years.  Steve graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and more recently earned an MBA from the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University.  He lives and works in Fort Collins, CO.

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