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Local Charity Highlight - Serve 6.8

One of Purposeful Financial and Legacy Planning's key values is to support the local community. In support of that value, we will highlight a Northern Colorado charity each month. Additionally, we support that charity with a donation.
A Serve 6.8 team responding to the Marshall Fire

This month we are highlighting Serve 6.8, a program that empowers people to get connected with their community; it is an organic approach of churches, businesses, and neighbors helping neighbors. They are completely privately funded by individuals, businesses, and churches and have a volunteer base of about 7-8k volunteers. In late 2021, over 2,100 local families were served in their Adopt-a-Family project alone.

The fundamental goal of Serve 6.8 is to empower people, through community, to be a part of their own solution. They do not believe in handouts but in ownership, and their goal is to help fewer people, not more. As such, they do not like viewing poverty as an industry.

SERVE 6.8 is able to create a strong network of 50 local churches to meet the needs of the community by maximizing resources and volunteers from local and national businesses and church partners. While it is a faith-based program, you do not have to be of a particular faith to receive help or to serve.

They run several programs, including:

Visit for more details on how to help and for information on how you can serve.

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