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Local Charity Highlight: The Nappie Project

One of Purposeful Financial and Legacy Planning's key values is to support the local community. In support of that value, we will highlight a Northern Colorado charity each month. Additionally, we support that charity with a donation.

baby in a diaper

The month we are highlighting The Nappie Project in Fort Collins, Colorado, a heartwarming example of community-driven compassion and support. This grassroots initiative addresses a pressing issue that often flies under the radar: diaper insecurity. Many families struggle to provide clean diapers for their infants, which not only affects the child's health but also places additional stress on the family's overall well-being.

The Nappie Project originally started as an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing diaper insecurity in the local area. However, its impact and reach expanded significantly when it was acquired by the Larimer County Food Bank in 2021. This strategic partnership has allowed the project to tap into additional resources, distribution networks, and a broader support base, further enhancing its ability to serve even more families in the community.

As detailed on the Larimer County Food Bank's website, the Nappie Project's work aligns seamlessly with the food bank's overarching goal of fighting hunger and improving the well-being of families in the area. Volunteers at the Nappie Project collect and distribute diapers to local families in need, ensuring that babies stay dry and healthy. Their efforts have had a profound impact on the community- a reminder that even small gestures can make a big difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

Visit The Nappie Project's official website to learn more about their initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and how you can contribute to this worthy cause.

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