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The Power to Lift Spirits

I thought this was an interesting, and touching, story.



When I watched this story on the CBS evening news, I smiled. Generosity in its simplest form…giving away smiles. This little guy has lost a lot in his short life, and yes, he probably lost his smile there for a while. But something touched him in his experience, and he now has a goal.

“The enormous power, the power to lift spirits” is how the commentator describes Jaden’s gift. And the goal? “It’s to make you smile,” he tells one unsuspecting person. Jaden targets people not already smiling while he is out on his mission. He sees a need in someone. He fills it. Simple. Generous. And expecting nothing in return.

Being present to others is the most abundant, yet least spent, generosity currency. How and with whom do you spend this currency?

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