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Making Space: The First Step To Finding Your Passion

This is a great article for those who want more meaning in their life.



She was burnt out. I could see the pain in her eyes as we spoke. We met up because she’s interested in the Meaning Movement and felt like she needed some help.

Her situation was tough: her supervisor was not supportive. She could barely get out the door in the mornings. She was having breakdowns on Sunday nights in anticipation of the week ahead. It was heart breaking to hear her talk about it. She shouldn’t have to endure such an intensely difficult situation, yet this is where she was at the time. She needed to make some changes. It almost didn’t matter what she did next, as long as she could do something else.

Finding your passion purpose, purpose, and calling begins with making space.

Before you choose a specific way to make your impact — before finding your passion — you may need to create the space for possibilities. In the face of impossibility— when life feels like a cage — no real movement can take place. You must begin by seeking freedom from what keeps you bound. Once a sense of possibility begins to appear (and only then) you can explore options and choose the work that makes the most sense and has the most meaning.

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